Our Team

The Half Serious team is composed exclusively of talent recruited from the video games industry.

This means that you are working with people that possess a level of understanding on game thinking that can only be gained through years of crafting beautiful games and studying audience responses. Games aren’t fun because they’re games. They are fun because they are well-designed experiences. Game design is a subtle art mastered by those who dedicate their full energy to it.

Half Serious can drive up engagement, loyalty and value of your product, service or initiative by applying this cool science.

Half Serious designs custom engagement solutions for your digital experience using game mechanics, social tools and applied behavioral psychology (the science that’s interested in what makes people behave a certain way).

We are not experts in your industry. We are experts at creating engaging (even addictive) experiences leveraging your industry expertise to ensure business alignment.

No (or yes). Depending on the intention of the designer, the game flavor can be completely undetectable or obvious. Generally, people immersed in gamified experiences will not describe themselves as engaging with a game.